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Banana, Apple, Dates Milkshake

I work very hard during the week and hardly get to do all I wanted to do. I suppose this is the case for just about everyone I know, there seems to always be a major lack in time, so on weekend mornings I like to keep it simple. Seeing as I wake up very… Continue reading Banana, Apple, Dates Milkshake

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Creamy, Cheesy, Nutty Pasta

I am not very good at following recipes. Directions in general I have no problem with, but I do realise that it’s just what they are – directions – and I can go any direction I would like as long as I get there in the end. I have a particular fondness for getting lost.… Continue reading Creamy, Cheesy, Nutty Pasta

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Rock of Living Waters

Some people think that rocks are hard and cold and lifeless. Me, just let me get to the desert. Let me wake up at my mother’s house and enjoy the peaceful, calm, beautiful sun shining through the beautiful clouds, lighting the valley down below with an amazing golden hue. There is nothing quite like it,… Continue reading Rock of Living Waters

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What I have been up to

I have had a wonderful day today. It was full of home-baked goodies, chocolates, fries and empanadas. More importantly, it was full of wonderful family, laughs and shiny things to look at and the best of it was that it needn’t end. I have no camera to document wonderful days like this but I spend… Continue reading What I have been up to

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He cares for you

I have recently returned from a business trip in the United Kingdom which was, albeit hard, very refreshing. To see the glory of a sunrise shining through a forest with all its creeping vines and the morning mist or to drive past a ranch dotted with beautiful cows grazing through the mist was more than… Continue reading He cares for you