Beaded Crystal Ball

About a year ago my boss (whom I love very much) had asked me about a beaded crystal ball necklace I wore to work that day. I had told her my mum had made it for me and she asked if I knew where she could get one. Looking around with friends and family who knew how to, I quickly found out some forgot and some just didn’t have time to make jewelry anymore.

Seeing as I just recently got into the whole beading/jewelry making scene (more about that in upcoming posts) I stumbled across these videos:

I got all excited about being able to make one for my boss and set out to do so. After two failed attempts (can’t get the balls to be round) and lots of hours spent in front of the videos just trying to decipher them I was wondering, does anyone have experience with making this pattern? Any advice?

As far as I can figure it out, the ball should be composed of star shapes made of five beads each and somehow in the process I get one side (star shape) with six beads.

I’d love to hear your advice.


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