Relax, Enjoy, Eat Some Sugar

Sometimes life goes by and we get no rest. We may not feel time passing by us, but it most certainly does. We work, we create, we think, we read, we are just constantly busy doing things. I’ll let you in on a secret: the work never ends, there will always be something else to do, something to clean or tidy up or write about but at the end of the day, we need to enjoy life as well. All work and no fun makes us unhappy and wanting for something more.

These are the times that we need to kick back and relax. Let the mess lie there for another day. Forget about dishes for the evening, light some candles, watch a movie, stare at the ceiling, add some sugar to your dinner.

I have not even noticed how much I lacked rest until I just sat there, doing nothing all evening. I ended up putting maple syrup in my polenta, just to feel a little better.

Here’s a little something that touched my heart today:

Go look at some pretty thing, watch the sunset and tell someone you love them, even if it’s just your dog, pause life for a second and you will notice the change.

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