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Banana, Apple, Dates Milkshake

I work very hard during the week and hardly get to do all I wanted to do. I suppose this is the case for just about everyone I know, there seems to always be a major lack in time, so on weekend mornings I like to keep it simple. Seeing as I wake up very late on weekends (like, at 7am) I allow myself to just relax and enjoy a milkshake, knowing I’ll probably be having an early lunch anyway.

Thanks to Joy the Baker I was introduced to the idea of grinding linseed (or flax) for added health. Other than that, I used what I had.


1 banana

1 Apple of your choice

4 dates (I like sweet)

1 tsp flax seeds

1 1/2 cup of milk of your choice, I used regular


Halve the dates and remove the seeds, cut the banana into quarters, cut apple into quarters and remove the core/seeds, grind your linseed.

Introduce all the ingredients to your blender including the milk.

This milkshake does not need any added sweeteners, it’s naturally sweet.



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