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Creamy, Cheesy, Nutty Pasta

I am not very good at following recipes.

Directions in general I have no problem with, but I do realise that it’s just what they are – directions – and I can go any direction I would like as long as I get there in the end.

I have a particular fondness for getting lost. There is something so profoundly exhilarating getting somewhere new and then learning how to get out of it. Learning the details of the landscapes, the stones and the trees and the new sounds. It is a wonderful past-time activity.

In like manner I get lost in recipes. Sometimes I’ll read the end from the beginning or I’ll read a sentence and then figure out the rest. Many times I simply get new ideas (sometimes completely unrelated) and go off a new journey, ‘get lost’ in a new recipe, frothing and foaming and forming in my mind.

Such was the case tonight. I was in the mood for some comfort food after a stressful day at work and I figured, what could be more perfect than white sauce pasta? Except for pastry, nothing much more comforting than that. Except.. I didn’t know exactly which sauce, or which pasta for that matter I wanted. The endless combinations and possibilities simply boggled me and I sat around looking for something that would really hit it with me until my stomach started grumbling and I realised it was saying ‘start cooking now or I’ll hit you’. I hardly ever wait for the second grumble to come and so I knew I had little time.

One of the reasons that greatly contributed to this recipe negligence is the fact that I am single and live alone. Being single and living alone means I get to be lazy sometimes. That if I come home late I don’t have to put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and they can wait patiently to the next morning, or as sometimes the case is, for the weekend.

It also means that I rarely shop for groceries (most of my meals are during work-time) and when I do, I usually get things that last (you’ll be surprised how long milk and bread can last with a single person, it appears as though biological and physical rules do not apply for this case) a good while so that I will not feel bad having to through things away. I hardly buy fruits and vegetables and so on and so forth. This unique situation many times gets me to a ‘must finish the cheese’ point where I am just looking for something to use all the left overs for.

It’s almost like being a farmer and growing your own food, where you very quickly end up with lots of things yo have no idea what to do with and you must come up with a quick way to use or preserve foods or else face the horrible pain of throwing away rotting things.

So here I was, looking for comfort food, very hungry having eaten an early lunch and completely clueless as to what to do; so I went with the safe choice, a combination of two recipes and then some and voila, it’s dinner time!

This is a quick pasta using any left over cheese (or specially bought cheese) and anything else that might come to your head.

Food is an adventure, get lost sometimes and you’ll never know in what beautiful places you’ll end up.



250 gr Spaghetti (of any kind,  I used whole wheat)

250 ml 15% cream

100 gr whatever cheese you have (I used Emmental)

50 gr butter

any topping / side you like; broccoli could go real well with this recipe, I used about 50 gr of walnuts and pistachios.




Cook pasta in salt water until it reaches ‘al dante’.

While at it, put butter, cream and cheese in a large enough pot and stir until it becomes creamy.

Place the pasta, then the cream, then the topping. If you are using vegetables as your side dish cook them separately and add them to the sauce right before it is done.





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