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What I have been up to

I have had a wonderful day today. It was full of home-baked goodies, chocolates, fries and empanadas.

More importantly, it was full of wonderful family, laughs and shiny things to look at and the best of it was that it needn’t end.

I have no camera to document wonderful days like this but I spend very little time regretting it. It is far more important to just enjoy them, I’ll always have the memory.

After I came back from this wonderful day out with the girls I was compelled to paint. It’s been a while since I have painted and I was missing it very much and so I sat down and for the better part of about three hours I have been painting. If you paint, you know the difference between painting mindlessly and actually paying attention. Both are needed in most paintings but some need one method more than the other.

We have to thank God for mindless painting, it is very soothing, continuous motion and you can listen and think while you are doing it. It takes very little concentration but is absolutely the best part about painting. So at first I was working on something that took very much of my concentration when I decided to work on something more relaxing. I love both paintings very much and so I though I might share what I was up to (that and Omri has been nagging me..)

So I made a little something out of it 🙂

Have a splendid week/end!


3 thoughts on “What I have been up to

  1. 1. nnnaaaggggg nnnaaagggg!! LOL

    2. stop thanking this “god” who ever that is. it’s YOU doing the job.

    3. buy a goddamn camera.

    sounds awesome,
    i love you too (:

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