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He cares for you

I have recently returned from a business trip in the United Kingdom which was, albeit hard, very refreshing.

To see the glory of a sunrise shining through a forest with all its creeping vines and the morning mist or to drive past a ranch dotted with beautiful cows grazing through the mist was more than soothing to the mind, it made my heart stand still and gave me peace I cannot describe.

So with my soul refreshed and my spirit at ease I sat down today to write a friend some encouragement. It is a special day for her.

This is an excerpt of what I wrote for her, I pray you be blessed by it also;

“As I sat down to write you some blessings for this marvelous day which God has appointed for you before there was time, I got the feeling this verse was for you as well.
So I made a little card out of it, nothing fancy. I pray God will bless you with a cup filled, pressed down and overflowing with the abundance of His heart, as He has promised.
May He always be faithful to you, to keep your feet upon the straight path and to never stray left nor right.

You are a great blessing, in His eyes and in ours,
Let this coming year be one of deliverance, revelation and full of God’s love and mercy.”


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