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Five Cheese Lasagna

It was a few Saturdays ago when I had nothing to eat and nothing in the fridge for quick salvation.

I’m single, I work a lot, my fridge is practically empty most the time. My freezer, however, is always full of frozen vegetables, milk, cheese and other things that save me in that one-two months that I may not go to the supermarket.

Yes, I’m not a fan of going to the supermarket.

I did, however, have inspiration (the magical ingredient), some leftover cheeses that I usually love to integrate into my “emergency cooking” and some black olives my sister gave me.

So that early afternoon Saturday way back when was delightfully spent making up my own what’s-in-the-fridge-lasagna recipe (don’t you love spontaneous recipes?).

Five Cheese Lasagna


750 ml cottage cheese (three small containers)

200 ml 3% soured milk

200 ml white soft cheese (you can replace with unsalted ricotta cheese)

100 gr Kashkaval Cheese (grated or sliced)

100 gr hard yellow cheese (such as Emmental)

2 eggs

150 gr black olives, preferably pitted and sliced.

Lasagna leaves




Mix all ingredients, apart from Kashkaval and Emmental cheeses. Add 1/3 of aforementioned cheeses to the mix.

Layer lasagna leaves, half the batter and half the hard cheeses, continue until done.

Bake in medium-high heat (180c) for approximately 30 minutes.



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