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Psalms 42:11

At times it appears to me as if all I am doing is failing God. I recently heard a great sermon about how we are not a failure but Satan is. The grace of God and the blood of Yeshua cover our sin continually and present us as righteous in the sight of God, not by works but by His spirit. And so I am sometimes in need of a reminder of this commandment – Hope in God. Tomorrow is a new day.

He may not set things right tomorrow; He may not win the battle for you or change your situation. He has not promised us that we will be always happy and good and comfortable but rather that He will never leave us alone, that He will be our comfort and our protection and if we just manage, for another day, to put our trust in Him, to hope in Him and to die at our cross, he promises to renew our strength and to carry us on eagle’s wings.

Remember the ending of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? When Frodo and Sam are on the edge of the mountain and everything is falling around them, the earth is practically crumbling, fire rains from heaven and it appears as if the world has come to an end.

When I was in the movie theater and that last scene played, everyone thought it was the end and were getting up to leave the theater, but all of a sudden the movie continued, the eagles came and picked them up and carried them to safety. That is God’s promise for us: to carry us when we can no longer carry ourselves. To bring us to safety when all else seems to fail and the world is about to end.

So, today, hope in God, for he is our strength.


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