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I Hope You Dance, Day 2

Do you know the smell of the first rain?
Every so often I get this feeling – the same as I do when the first rains fall – of a new beginning, of something bigger than myself coming to life. It usually comes after a long dry season. Sometimes so little happens, or rather – so little of importance happens and I feel so stagnant and moored, like being the only sitting at a party. I imagine it’s being caught up with the trees that keeps me from seeing the fullness of the forest.
And then the first drop falls into the ocean and suddenly I am able to create, to perceive how beautiful the little things are when compared to the big things. Suddenly I am thankful for my five senses, grateful that I have a functional body to make full use of, that I am alive and well.
Then the floodgates open and I am able to do so many things at once. I paint, I write, I laugh and I cry.
If my art is an expression of this life then for the past few months I have not been living. It’s so hard to appreciate time and its passing when you look at it one day at a time. How many of us sit back and look at a lifetime?
I was aching to create but I was so dull I did not notice it. I hear knowing is half the battle.
These past few days have put me in perspective. When I paint, I often have to take a break, step back and look at the painting from a distance, otherwise I get so caught up with details I lose sight of the goal. It is so with life as well, the imperfections just seem part of your day and you are too blind to see it.
So now I am fascinated with life. I want to learn to play the guitar, I want to learn video editing, I want to write, I want to paint, I want to dance. I am aware that I may never find the time to accomplish all I want to do but I am content with my dreams staying dreams as well as with fulfilling them.
For now,
I am just happy being me.

Dance of Life


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