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Originally uploaded by living.waters

Just a little something I came up with for Dvir and Eitan’s little project, Area-15. It was wandering about in my mind, so I figured I should take it out for a walk.
The background is loosely based on a previous mini-project of mine for work. After they had turned it down I decided the time I spent creating it will not go to waste in my head or in a remote folder but that it should be publicized and given its proper place. Seeing as lately I have a passion to design (I guess inspiration is much like the sea – it ebbs and flows and sometimes crashes against the breakwater of my brain until I have no other choice but to create..) I figured it would be good practice.

In other news, I really should be finishing up work and going to bed, but taking ideas out for a walk is a dangerous business, you never know how late you’re going to come back…


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